Iron Paw Factory LLC proudly presents the 10th annual

Iron Paws Stage Race

2021 Race Rules

Please carefully read all RACE RULES before entering. This years rules have been greatly simplified due to pandemic restrictions with no Regional Team activities. Additionally, there have been a few small changes to the classes offered this year. Please also be advised that overall winners will be competing through all 8 stages. Class winners will still be calculated with a bye week included. Run dogs, be happy.

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10th Annual Iron Paws Stage Race
The 10th Annual Iron Paws Stage Race begins January 1, 2021.
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Registration will be limited to the first 600 teams. The entry fee is $35 per team, payable through paypal and required at the time of registration to secure a spot. You will need to choose a team name and password to complete registration. Please complete registration in one session.

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For questions about shipping, billing, or merchandise, please contact Karen Hoban
For questions about registration and scoring, please contact Pamela Beaverson
For questions about rules or fair play, please contact Chelsea Dill
For general questions or suggestions, please contact Mikki Douglass