Be Happy. Run Dogs. Iron Paws Stage Race 2020

Iron Paws Stage Race IV The Results Are In!

That's a wrap! We had a record setting Iron Paws 2020 with 438 finishers. We had 9 new regional teams and 7 participants in Europe. To say this was the BIGGEST Iron Paws ever would be an understatement. Thank you to all of our participants for making this race so much fun.

Saving Winter One Sled Dog At a Time

"Good DAY it is when you spend it with friends and that is what Iron Paws is all about! My name is Maddie McGee and I am a charter member of The Iron Paws Stage Race! The race began out of loneliness….it was a late winter and a low snow year and folks just weren’t showing up to play on the weekends! So a few of us NW Sled Dogs talked our humans into harnessing the power of the internet to bring us all together, and WOW haws it WORKED! We started with a handful of NW teams and have grown WORLDWIDE! Because of Iron Paws, I have friends all over the planet! But it’s not just about playing on the computer; we meet every weekend, at races, Sno-Parks, bike trails, and other great places! Iron Paws is about making friends, helping one another and playing together during the winter! Please join me and be my pal in 2020! And don’t forget…the Spirit of Iron Paws is built on LOVE AND FUN AND FRIENDS! Now….go RUN DOGS and BE HAPPY! Love Ms. Maddie McGee"