Ready to Roll

Bib# Name Team Name Class Location
68 Anna Abney Team HAPPEE Herder 1 Dog Bikejor SC
755 Diana Abramson Polkadot Pitbull And The Psychos Off the Couch AZ
710 Jennifer Albertine Swift River Siberians 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig MA
522 Marsha Alexander Beagle Bound Canicross ON
184 Victoria Alexander Scruffy Fluffies 2 Dog Scooter and Cart WA
472 Lauren Aliman Crazy Wolf Canicross CA
478 Gery Allan MALAMUTE RANCH Unlimited Sled and Rig AZ
216 Alison Altmiks Hairy Pawter 1 Dog Sled AB
72 LEMAIRE Anais Des pattes pour un maux Off the Couch NO
439 Pamela Andrade Lab Experiment 2 Dog Bikejor BC
264 Chloe Andre CANAthletic Majich Maple team Canicross QC
543 Anthony Andrews Sweet as Kandi 2 Dog Bikejor GA
759 Kat Arave Ruffin Tuffs Golden Girl Hug Off the Couch WA
622 Brigit Arell Arell 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor MA
220 Emily Arias Fast and Furriest 3-4 Dog Dryland WA
244 Melissa Armstrong Commotion in Motion 3-4 Dog Dryland PA
451 Anne Arsenault Call Me Crazy 2 Dog Bikejor NB
336 Andrea Ashbaugh Whippet Good 3-4 Dog Dryland CA
98 Megan Ashworth Wiry Lil Runners Canicross NB
521 Ashley Atkinson Snow Sweepers 1 Dog Bikejor NB
33 Dori Ayala Two Smiles Twice the Fun 2 Dog Scooter and Cart WA
318 Jordan Barnes The Mushing Dead 1 Dog Bikejor KY
233 Alexis Barnes Salt and Pepper Canicross NC
432 Morgan Bauer Trash Pandas 2 Dog Bikejor WI
772 Tara Bayne Holy Sheep Dogs 2 Dog Scooter and Cart NS
561 Jill Beaton Blissfully Charmed Off the Couch MI
558 Kevin Beaton Team Celtic Star Off the Couch MI
10 Pamela Beaverson SledMonsters 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor OR
408 Lyn Beeder Red Rocket 1 Dog Scooter & Cart WA
291 Brian Bell Wandering Fetts Canicross KY
511 Leah Belyea HM Off the Couch NB
65 Sayli Benadikar Mush Love 2 Dog Scooter and Cart CA
74 Christina Benishin Terrierocity 2 Dog Bikejor BC
308 James Berger The Boys 2 Dog Bikejor IA
357 Isabelle Bernard Izanabelle Canicross QC
493 Daria Biasotto She barkedHe barked Off the Couch SK
562 Emily Bienvenu The Adventure Pups 3-4 Dog Dryland NE
562 Emily Bienvenu Black Magic 1 Dog Scooter & Cart NE
778 Amanda Bingham Sparkle Motion 1 Dog Bikejor NC
94 Tracy Bithell The Tag Team 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor ON
348 Angie Bithell Blue Streak Canicross ON
238 Vanessa Blackstone Badmoon Mudbugs 2 Dog Scooter and Cart OR
270 Sheri Blair The Blair Girls 1 Dog Bikejor ON
407 Kim Blanchard KimandEgret 1 Dog Skijor WA
783 Megan Boland Buffalo Off the Couch NY
643 Erica Boling DownEast Acadia Canicross ME
225 Melissa Bonar The Bumpuses Hounds Canicross TN
50 Sadie Boschert Send Noods 1 Dog Bikejor KY
515 Lucy Bottcher The Malastars 1 Dog Sled WA
800 Stephanie Boudreault Sweet team Off the Couch QC
423 Meg Boulton Happy Feet Canicross ON
17 Karla Boyle Double Z Siberians 2 Dog Scooter and Cart WA
782 Carlleen Brehmer CCs Kennel Off the Couch ID
218 Fennella Brewer Creaky Bones Off the Couch NB
524 Hannah Brown Woodland Siberians 3-4 Dog Dryland MO
293 Melissa Brown Team Ogre Off the Couch TN
533 Kayleigh Brubach Athens County Trail Hounds Off the Couch OH
566 Kris Bruneau Yukon Kaos 2 Dog Sled YT
555 Kathy Burke Mountain Valkyrie 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor CO
39 Christa Burstahler Zoomski 1 Dog Skijor AB
215 Erik Byng Maladjusted 3-4 Dog Sled WA
334 Cindy Campbell The Misfits Off the Couch NB
539 Diane Castaldo Mammis Musher Canicross PA
712 Rosa Cefalu Fart Nox Off the Couch FL
401 Jeanette Chang Team Jazzamatazz Canicross CA
226 Mark Chanski Mr Maru and Crew 2 Dog Scooter and Cart CT
100 Liz Chapman Dangerzone 3-4 Dog Dryland CT
715 Mia Cirotto The Cat Hates Us Canicross BC
788 Shannon Clarin Cascade Canines 2 Dog Scooter and Cart WA
227 Rinda Clark QuickFX Off the Couch OR
627 Fae Clawson Apex Predator 1 Dog Sled OR
649 Angie Cline RockinA 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor NM
256 Cat Clutton Raging Red Rubi 1 Dog Scooter & Cart AL
399 Katerine Coffee Coffee Cart 3-4 Dog Dryland CA
172 Heather Coiner Team Bird Dog Off the Couch TN
265 Donna Lee Cole Red Dirt Runner Canicross PE
740 Erica Collins AstroEr Canicross WA
790 Emily Corstange Border Hoarder Off the Couch SC
324 Nichole Crainick Lily the Wonder Dog 1 Dog Scooter & Cart FL
37 Haley Creasman Thunderstruck 2 Dog Bikejor NC
163 Tony Crosina Siriplusone Off the Couch BC
156 Kathy Crosina Wisdom and Friends Off the Couch BC
77 Tiffanie Cross Go Dog Go 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor OR
343 Sabrina Crossland Coffee Fueled Canicross FL
342 Sienna Crowl Tiny Trouble Off the Couch FL
380 Tina Crum Winter Canicross IN
67 Deborah Csongradi Life in the Dog House Canicross AB
23 Giuliana Cucinelli Team Logan Off the Couch QC
617 Taylor Damaren CashMeowtside Off the Couch ON
573 Carissa Daniels Team Frex 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor ME
413 Lorraine Danton Rolo Canicross ON
51 Lianne Daradics Run Under Living Skies 3-4 Dog Sled SK
51 Lianne Daradics Go Kysha Go Off the Couch SK
794 Kailey Darr North River Sibes 2 Dog Bikejor VA
780 Kevin Daugherty Endless Adventures Unlimited Sled and Rig ID
191 Scott Davis Second Chance 3-4 Dog Sled WI
30 Meghan De Wit Mountain Goats 2-3 Dog Skijor AB
190 Darryl Dedelow Jr. DaBeezKneez 1 Dog Bikejor KY
691 Kathryn Degelman SpottedOnTheTrail 1 Dog Bikejor AL
275 Robin Dennis Mini Husky Madness Canicross VA
457 Isabelle Desy Toupisa Canicross QC
391 Kendra DeWitt Possum Power 2-3 Dog Skijor NB
12 Chelsea Dill North Creek Sport Dogs 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor WA
456 Deborah Dixon Heavenly Huskies 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig UT
16 Tanya Dobrzanski Kelpie Krew 2-3 Dog Skijor AB
567 Connie Donohoe Independence Canicross FL
499 Nisa ann Doucet Snowpit Canicross NB
1 Mikki Douglass Trail Pirates 3-4 Dog Sled WA
702 Claire Driscoll Skyes the limit Canicross NB
510 Elyane Dugas CANAthletic Lazy Queens Canicross QC
326 Taylor Duguay-Ladouceur BorderDisorder 3-4 Dog Sled ON
475 Melissa Dunn Southern Maine Sibes Off the Couch ME
495 Sophia Durand Snapping Sherwin Canicross GA
279 Harleigh Dutton Haulin Huskies 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig ID
434 Stephanie Dwyer Double Troubke 2-3 Dog Skijor AB
5 Ingrid Earle Cozmic Voyagers 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor WA
668 Dawna Eddinger My2K 2 Dog Scooter and Cart PA
700 Chris Eddy Ruffin Tuff Whippets Off the Couch WA
81 Caitlin Eldridge Team Malimutts 2 Dog Sled ON
689 Courtney Emerson CamoCross Off the Couch DE
152 Kerri English Faster Gun Fun Runners Canicross SK
726 Valerie Ann Erwin Valeries Mushers Canicross NY
726 Valerie Ann Erwin Valeries Baby Musher Canicross NY
679 Willow EYFORD Girl Power Canicross BC
115 Abby Fallis Hounds 2 Dog Sled ON
115 Abby Fallis Fuzzy butts 2 Dog Sled ON
446 Maggie Fan Team Forced Into This Canicross GA
178 Nikki Farmer AfterBerner Off the Couch GA
466 Susan Farr Gunng it with Jeffie Canicross TN
257 Katherine Ferger K9 Kool Crew Off the Couch ON
260 Claudia Ferland Logans world Off the Couch QC
403 Janis Fields The Tazzinator 1 Dog Scooter & Cart WA
666 Neil Fisher Mainely British Unlimited Sled and Rig ME
155 Alice Fitzgerald Timber Creek 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig CT
517 Dawn Fleming Wakaw Wagers 2-3 Dog Skijor SK
71 Anne Fletcher Agility Huskies Off the Couch BC
663 Nadele Flynn KISS 1 Dog Skijor YT
105 Vicky Fontaine Its a Corgi tail Off the Couch QC
789 Chelsea Force Fur Force Canicross IL
789 Chelsea Force Prairie Sol Chasers 2 Dog Bikejor IL
606 Emily Ford Ice Ice Baby Canicross MN
796 Momi Ford Team Hapa Howlie Canicross IN
122 Lynka Fortin dumas crazy girlz Off the Couch QC
269 Carol Foster Fun to the Max 1 Dog Sled YT
22 Dawn Fouts Dawn of the Mika Canicross WA
230 Seppa Francis 406 Racing Kennel Unlimited Sled and Rig MT
682 Mary Franks The LabShepCrew Canicross WA
288 Mira Franz Miras Mushing Mutts 3-4 Dog Sled AK
470 Angela Freeman TrailDogDixie Canicross IL
427 Terri Frolick Team Valkyrie 3-4 Dog Sled WA
79 Ziggy Fulton Team Run Amok 2 Dog Bikejor GA
518 Justin Gagne chasing squirrels Off the Couch GA
497 Andrea Galloway Flybyebordercollies Off the Couch KY
542 Michelle Gautreau I Got My Mojo Off the Couch ON
553 Mattie Geddes Lots of Freckles Canicross NB
577 Kelsy Gibos Red Dog Sled Dog Off the Couch AB
508 Maren Gibson Lift Off 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor UT
508 Maren Gibson Suicide Squad 3-4 Dog Sled UT
508 Maren Gibson Arctic Rescue Unlimited Sled and Rig UT
604 Chelsea Gilmore The Gilmore Girls Off the Couch NB
611 Elayna Girardin Squirrel chasers Canicross ME
609 Deanna Glasgow Pointy Things Off the Couch ON
654 Erin Glesne-Smith Can I Kick It 1 Dog Scooter & Cart MA
425 Armin Gloetzl Arctic Celts Off the Couch ??
176 Catalina Gomez The winter wonderland tails 2 Dog Sled YT
2 Louise Goodman The Fur Machine Off the Couch OR
177 Melissa Gordon Melncollie Canicross NB
597 Steven Gorham Steddy Off the Couch NB
92 Alex Gostomski Rubys Destination Unknown 1 Dog Bikejor KY
724 Jennifer Grady Chaos Blazing star Canicross ME
283 Sheena Graves Terrier Power 10.0 Canicross NB
784 Matt Green Mythical Huskies 1 Dog Bikejor FL
791 Jacqueline Greene Boo Boo and The Kandy Queene 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor NB
262 Jude Griffin Team Taika 1 Dog Sled MA
340 Trellie Griffith Apollo and Balto Adventures 2 Dog Bikejor KY
341 Chris Griffith Apollos Arrow 1 Dog Bikejor KY
554 Marie Gruslin OdinMarie Off the Couch QC
169 Erin Hackney Cult of Gozer the Snowzerian 1 Dog Sled ON
501 Jennifer Hackwell Lupinus Arcticus Canicross YT
779 Maddison Haffer Chuff Off the Couch MO
187 Mary Hall Hoolis Strange Tale 1 Dog Scooter & Cart CA
185 Lisa Hall Halo Siberians 2 Dog Bikejor GA
424 Ashlyn Hall Terrible Twins 2 Dog Bikejor NB
483 Laura Halleck Blue Eyed Girls Canicross NH
513 Melissa Halpenny The Mad Yappers 1 Dog Skijor YT
705 Reanne Hamel Westcoast Floppy Ears Canicross BC
234 Meena Hammac GoHamm 1 Dog Bikejor KY
234 Meena Hammac GoHamm Senior Canicross KY
462 Annie Hammond Kalamazootopia Canicross MI
58 Gordon Hancock Old Guys Rule 2 Dog Sled AB
34 Destiny Hanna Happydestinydogkennels 2 Dog Scooter and Cart WA
763 Bianca Hannigan Texas Tornado 1 Dog Sled ON
638 Tanna Harman All About The Mac Off the Couch MT
302 Marci Haro Wonder Twins 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor ID
695 Leanne Harrington Take Five Off the Couch OR
661 Tamara Harvey-Coli Harveys Team Fun 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig AB
444 Hillary Hatton OzMan 1 Dog Skijor YT
699 Jen Havens Team Vinney Canicross CA
88 Caroline Hecker Slow Spokes Off the Couch FL
690 Nancy Helm CaniCrushers Canicross AB
112 Chris Henricks Pints and Paws Canicross ON
463 Sara Hensel i want to ride my bicycle 2 Dog Bikejor GA
371 Dan Hewitt Hewitt Pack 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig OR
720 Kimberly Higgins Risky Business 3-4 Dog Sled ON
165 Karen Hill Team Ojibwa 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig MN
358 Lizzie Hill Mischievous and Motivated Canicross GA
528 Allison Hill Exploringwithhuskies 3-4 Dog Dryland IL
149 Dave Hill Iron Rangers 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig MN
104 Ken Hirt Cookie Monsters 3-4 Dog Dryland CT
208 Shani Hixson Singing Sams 3-4 Dog Dryland WA
13 Karen Hoban Lily,Lily,Lily Off the Couch WA
108 Dianne Hornbrook Hornbrook Puppers Canicross NB
344 Lydia Hoyle ObsidianRoyale 1 Dog Bikejor PA
496 Mary Kaitlin Huff Sheltie Shufflers Off the Couch FL
284 Kendel Hulbert Team Oddball 1 Dog Bikejor NY
584 Macy Hunsicker Team Potomac Canicross VA
84 Heather Hurn Floofs Down South 3-4 Dog Dryland SC
85 Michael Hurn Southern Mushing 3-4 Dog Dryland SC
213 Hilary Huskey Ivie Huskies Canicross Canicross NC
213 Hilary Huskey Ivie Huskies Bikejor 1 Dog Bikejor NC
219 Jo-Ann Hutchison Lab Results 1 Dog Scooter & Cart ON
492 Haeleigh Hyatt When Dogs Fly 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig NH
153 Debbie Illes Grey Haired Prancers Canicross TN
588 Pia Jacobsson Landshark 3-4 Dog Dryland CA
615 Amber Jarrett Mischief Managed 1 Dog Scooter & Cart WA
696 Alaina Jenish Pepperoni Pizza Off the Couch AZ
474 Kadie Jensen The Boop Snoots Canicross TN
128 Taylor Johannigman Barks and Rec 2 Dog Bikejor GA
356 Jacqui Johnson Team One Day Late Canicross GA
805 Becky Johnson Team Empryean Off the Couch WA
263 Maren Johnson MJ Blazing Trails Canicross UT
97 Molly Johnson Merlin it Off the Couch NB
118 Tara Johnson Mouth of The South Canicross GA
325 Maria Jolly JollyBitches 3-4 Dog Sled AB
592 Becky Jones The Hound and the Herder Off the Couch AL
680 Jessica Jones Undertrained and Overconfident Off the Couch GA
73 Louise Jones Pawsitive Fitness 2 Dog Bikejor IE
329 Marianne Jorgensen Its in the Bag 2 Dog Sled AB
296 Sue Joy Snowlit Shaggies 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor ON
773 Wyatt Joyner Northlanes Florida pack Off the Couch FL
585 Per Karlsson White Lighting 3-4 Dog Dryland CA
369 Alexis Karpf Running on Ice Canicross GA
289 Rick Katucki Team Three Dog Ranch 2 Dog Scooter and Cart ID
372 Lauren Kawai The Tailbacks 2 Dog Bikejor SK
167 Shannon Keim Dare to Dream Canicross FL
479 Katelyn Key Key and Harl Off the Couch GA
189 Julia Khoury SpyroLux Off the Couch NB
743 Holly Kinas HAWly and GeorGEE 1 Dog Sled AB
183 Allison Kingsbury Galavanting Gingers 2 Dog Sled MI
711 Ronald Klepadlo Denali and Co 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig PA
630 Nancy Kline Amber Ale Girls Canicross KY
38 Shelly Korobanik Pooch Partners Canicross BC
727 Shirley Kostric Ruffin Tuff Sass n Dash 1 Dog Bikejor WA
454 Gloria Krueger THE PACK 3-4 Dog Dryland AL
688 Laura Kruger Jumping Jacks Canicross AB
327 Patricia LaCava Any Dog I Can Borrow 2 Dog Scooter and Cart CA
509 Sonya Lacelle SleighinIt Canicross NB
396 Leighanne Lacy Team TriHard Canicross IL
797 Linda Laflamme Sheltie team Off the Couch QC
436 Lucie Laforest Lucie and Naro Canicross QC
725 Janie Lambert Ruffin Tuff Malinois Off the Couch WA
744 Leslie Lane Oh lawrd What have I done Off the Couch Wa
24 Jenna Lane Flower Power 2-3 Dog Skijor ME
28 Lynn Lanki Flying Finn 1 Dog Skijor BC
362 Suzanne Lapointe Suzanne and Mao 1 Dog Skijor QC
545 Kathleen Lavoie Mission ImPAWSaBull Canicross NB
762 Alannah Leach Waylons world Off the Couch ON
101 Rachel LeBlanc Lucky Legs Off the Couch NB
455 Aly Lecznar Poodle Power Canicross GA
440 Sharon Lee Lab Harmony 2 Dog Bikejor BC
160 Michelle Lee-Armet Twisted Roots 2 Dog Scooter and Cart FL
41 Hilary Lefko More Spots than Sense Off the Couch DC
164 Charmaine Lesperance Cool Runnings 2 Dog Bikejor ON
410 Trish Levesque Kelpie Karma Canicross NB
677 Sara Levesque Team Outlaw K9 Canicross NY
21 Jen Lill Midnight Madness 1 Dog Skijor WA
21 Jen Lill SkiGirls 1 Dog Skijor WA
57 Stephanie Lindsley Floppy and a Side of Fluff 2 Dog Scooter and Cart OR
304 Allyanne Lipkvich Hound on the Run Off the Couch ME
295 Renee Lirette Reverse Mullet 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig WA
157 Beth Long Running With The Wolves 1 Dog Bikejor TN
328 Allison Long Ready Setter Go 2-3 Dog Skijor ON
231 Hannah Lucas Northlane 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig ME
639 Erin Lynes Mush It or Crush It 3-4 Dog Sled BC
240 Kira M'Lot Turbo Charger Canicross BC
247 Kathryn MacDonald Adventure Time 1 Dog Sled YT
736 Sydney Mackey TCSWHIPPETS1 Canicross WA
737 Jenette Mackey TCSWHIPPETS2 Canicross WA
785 Karyn Marcil Ruffin Tuff Pitties Off the Couch WA
90 Anna Marmann Lumina Tribe 2 Dog Bikejor GA
96 Robert Marmann Peyton Guardian Tribe Off the Couch GA
93 Susan Marmann Penny Dancing Tribe Off the Couch GA
459 Christine Martin Lunatic Ladies on the Run 1 Dog Scooter & Cart OR
382 Erika Mastalerz ThreeDogsandaDVM Off the Couch NC
69 Marcy Matis Team Happy Hooligans Off the Couch NY
465 Eric Matthews Pack of Prickled Peppers Pawing Pat 1 Dog Scooter & Cart CA
75 Sunny Maxwell Insane Clown Possums 2 Dog Bikejor OR
306 Rebekah McBeth Yukicanook 2 Dog Bikejor OR
723 Kris McBride Ruffin Tuff TnTs Off the Couch WA
692 Sonya McCloney SK2 2-3 Dog Skijor MT
655 Megan McCullough Rim Rock Runners 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig BC
426 Andrea McCullough Risky Biscuits Off the Couch AL
206 Petra McDougall Azz the wind blows 1 Dog Skijor AB
330 Jonah McGibbon Fast and Fearless Off the Couch NB
136 Jeanna McMurtrie Accio Aussies 2-3 Dog Skijor NB
769 Stephanie Mcneil Border Patrol Canicross NS
626 Heather McPhail EatingSnow Off the Couch ON
141 Christine McPhee Team Slenderdogs 2 Dog Sled BC
503 Rachel Medina 2Fast2Furryous 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor CT
621 Shyla Mellor Shpurbo Off the Couch NB
595 Mary Mellor Smooth Snailin Off the Couch NB
596 Jadon Mellor Jash Off the Couch NB
594 Christy Mellor-Gorham The Bark Side Off the Couch NB
798 Carmen Mendoza All Fur Love Off the Couch CA
350 Frieda Anne Mennes Spectacular Sophie Canicross AB
7 Sandy Metzger Team Jedi 1 2 Dog Bikejor WA
7 Sandy Metzger Team Jedi 2 2-3 Dog Skijor WA
587 Hailee Meyers Double Dutch 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor MO
799 Chris Miara Rosetree Dogs Canicross KY
634 Jen Mignard Maverick Sled Dogs Unlimited Sled and Rig MT
548 William Millar The Flying Squirrels 1 Dog Skijor NB
388 Camden Miller The 8th Wonders Canicross KY
547 Sam Miller The Doberlady 1 Dog Bikejor WA
313 Shelly Millet The Berger Girls Canicross MD
526 Stephanie Minnella Quite the Little Gentleman Canicross CA
242 Amy Mitchell Roadhouse Off the Couch NB
181 Kelsey Mitchell KSquared 1 Dog Scooter & Cart CA
331 Allyson Mitton Wander Women Off the Couch NB
331 Allyson Mitton Borderline Insanity 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor NB
309 Matt Montgomery The Three Husketeers Canicross OH
134 Krysthel Moore Kiss the BC Co Canicross QC
435 Anais Morel RunRocketRun Canicross QC
195 Dominique Morin Fox and the Hound 2-3 Dog Skijor BC
673 Cynthia Morris MileyMe Canicross ME
4 Donna Morton Robin and Co 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor ID
4 Donna Morton Salty Dawgs 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor ID
194 Sheryl Moul Icefire 2 Dog Bikejor WA
721 Christine Mroczek Ruffin Tuff ES Lady Jane 1 Dog Bikejor WA
301 Ashley Murphy Tamarack Sibes 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor AK
754 Kimberly Murphy JustKeepingUp Canicross NH
281 Natasha Murray Little Dogs on the Pairie 3-4 Dog Sled SK
161 Chelsea Murray Ilannak Malamutes 1 Dog Bikejor GA
168 Tyler Murray Mal Drogo 1 Dog Bikejor GA
531 Nicole Nava Siberiano del Norte 1 Dog Bikejor IL
351 Rosie Nelson Team Fluffernutter Off the Couch CA
450 Caroline Nevills MSD team jr 1 Dog Bikejor ID
453 Raleigh Nevills Mew Tiger Canicross ID
245 Alicia ffluffy Nicholas IDidADoobie 2 Dog Scooter and Cart AZ
179 Mike Noon Team Bandit 1 Dog Bikejor ON
268 Melynda Normandeau Kaylamel and Co Off the Couch QC
27 Haley O Maley SpudRunners 3-4 Dog Dryland ID
316 Bethany Ogasian Mountain Mutts 1 Dog Skijor CA
91 Nicole Ortiz Bear Necessities 1 Dog Bikejor KY
26 Mitch Orum Foster Powered Canicross AB
322 Kevan Ouimet Whirlwind Renegades 3-4 Dog Sled AB
320 Dawn Ouimet Whirlwind Snow Runners 3-4 Dog Sled AB
591 Amanda Panell VicbertAlboria 2 Dog Scooter and Cart ID
624 Al Paradis Montville Mushers 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor ME
292 Kaili Park Tripleks Dogsports 1 Dog Skijor WA
607 Heather Parsons PullySpots 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor ON
607 Heather Parsons DangerSpots Off the Couch ON
662 Jessica Pasanen Revontulten 3-4 Dog Sled FI
647 Tammy Patterson Timbersong 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor IN
217 Donna Peck Howling Winds 3-4 Dog Dryland WA
550 John Peck Breaking Bad Canicross WA
180 Lana Penny May n Me Off the Couch NS
581 Miguel Periche Paradise Pack 3-4 Dog Dryland MA
290 Jamie Perry Briarlea Kennel 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig WI
290 Jamie Perry Wild Creek Kennel 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig WI
290 Jamie Perry Star Paws 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig WI
193 Elena Pesavento Follow Me Canicross GA
53 Joshua Pfeil Priore Mordens et Pugnae 3-4 Dog Dryland MI
631 Derek Phaneuf Castareks Alpha Team 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig NH
625 Natasha Phaneuf Castareks Bravo Team 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig NH
650 Andrea Phillips POKU SIBERIAN HUSKIES 2 Dog Bikejor WA
376 Jackie Phillips Woodacre Dogs Off the Couch CA
379 Claire Pierce Teachers Pets Canicross GA
201 Jessi Pierce I am Groot 2 Dog Bikejor OR
538 Samantha Pizzino Chunky Monkeys Canicross KY
764 Leslie Plummer Khepri and Tekka 2 Dog Scooter and Cart UT
809 Angela Porcelli Angelas Mushers Canicross NY
145 Cloe Poulin Collins Padfoot team Canicross QC
563 Maria Pray Elijah On The Run Canicross SC
648 Samantha Purdie Purdie Fast Paws Off the Couch TN
126 Britt Pye When Pigs Fly Canicross NB
321 Turgeon Rachelle Raliam Canicross QC
109 Marie Ralff Tiffmonster and Spud 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor MA
775 Erin Ramirez 4 Paws Ahead 3-4 Dog Dryland OH
775 Erin Ramirez 4 Paws Ahead Bike 2 Dog Bikejor OH
259 Matt Ranger Jay Happy Team Canicross QC
421 Ivor Redgers Rovis runners Canicross ON
529 Andrea Reid Houndwise Off the Couch FL
751 Kate Renner The Barking Room Canicross PA
569 Marley Repchull Team Toller 2 Dog Bikejor NS
311 Angel Richards The Running Angels Off the Couch NB
488 Kim Roach Southern Sass 1 Dog Bikejor AL
438 Linden Roberts Mack attack 1 Dog Sled AB
159 Christy Robertson House Burkeson 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor IA
806 Miguel Rosales Two dope dogs in a Cadillac 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor WY
586 Jocelyn Rowe Tender Paws Off the Couch BC
6 Capt. Larry Roxby The Flying Furs Unlimited Sled and Rig WA
224 William Rutar Train N Anchor 1 Dog Sled AB
549 Charlie Rutsell Team TrekkerPaws 2 Dog Scooter and Cart BL
121 Katie Sample Team Velox 2 Dog Bikejor GA
347 Yasuyo Samuels See Spot Run Canicross GA
793 Pavlina Sanborn The ATeam Canicross WA
11 Anissa Sanchez miniSledMonsters Off the Couch OR
66 Jennifer Sandvig Something Whippet This Way Runs 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor OR
197 Charlotte Sause Wyeast Canines 3-4 Dog Sled OR
31 Lea-Marie Savoie Fluffy butts 2 Dog Sled YT
378 Simona Savoldelli Team Unterwald 2 Dog Bikejor SG
142 Jenn Schielke PowderHoundz 2-3 Dog Skijor AB
106 Stephen Schifani Thunder Dogs 3-4 Dog Dryland NY
514 Lisa Schnittker Team Goddess 1 Dog Bikejor ON
116 Jessica Schuette Mushing Mishka Canicross WA
111 Kristi Schwartz Sunset Hills Siberians Canicross MI
660 Susan Scofield Stargazer 1 Dog Scooter & Cart WA
608 Jaimie Scott Windstorm 1 Dog Bikejor SC
507 Allie Scrivener Dizzy with Izzy Canicross WA
323 Mark Scrivener Threes a Crowd 3-4 Dog Dryland CA
713 Kelly Scudder Gefrorenes Feuer K9s 2-3 Dog Skijor UT
704 Lori Seguin Team Shynie Off the Couch MI
605 Sarah Semmler Max hike 1 Dog Sled MB
253 Skhyler Shallow Game On 2 Dog Bikejor WI
686 Robin Sharpe Trail Truckers Canicross NY
319 Meghan Shaw Border Pawtrol 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor NB
54 Jami Shawmeker The Dashing Doxie 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor IL
616 Marina Shems Rocky Road 2 Dog Scooter and Cart CA
414 Mike Shields Red PJ Canicross ON
3 Sandi Shrager Tanu Alaskan Malamutes 2 Dog Scooter and Cart WA
236 A Shuravloff K9RallyMonsters 3-4 Dog Dryland WA
674 Muriel Smith HalfaHandler Off the Couch MB
317 Jessica Smith Mud Puppies 2 Dog Scooter and Cart FL
685 Kat Smith Full Monty Canicross ON
200 Sarah Smith Brothers Snood Off the Couch BC
44 Meghan Smith Paint It Black 2 Dog Bikejor MI
486 Dorine Snell Jack Frost Huskirs 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig NY
486 Dorine Snell Jack Frosts Avalanche Team 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor NY
406 Shawn Sobon Team Wonder Dog Canicross ON
303 Alina Soderholm ASquared Off the Couch NC
175 Mackenzie Sok Sisters of Mayhem 1 Dog Bikejor GA
188 Sneha Srinivasan EzyRyder Canicross CA
519 Deb Stalnaker Dune Runner 1 Dog Scooter & Cart OR
170 Brian Stamper Therapy Run 1 Dog Bikejor GA
9 Connie Starr WeenoPullyu Unlimited Sled and Rig WA
20 Kathy Statham Mush n room Canicross TN
282 Emily Stewart-Foxx Girls on Point 2 Dog Bikejor SC
781 Karen Stodola Bucket List 1 Dog Scooter & Cart WA
113 Crystal Stokes Team Fish 1 Dog Sled ON
552 Laurie Stone Silver Tips Canicross PA
741 Sarah Stoodley Tiny pointy Off the Couch MD
158 Nicolina Strand Askin Fur Tribble 2 Dog Bikejor OR
653 Tanya Strom Scrambled Legs Off the Couch SK
728 Erin Strong Black Sheep Off the Couch FL
363 Alyssa Strutt Snow Dust 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig MB
42 Angela Stuber Lickety Split 1 Dog Sled AB
645 Judge Sullivan TEAM MZ 60 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig WA
383 Jennifer Sutherland Sutherlands Psychos Canicross CA
254 Diana Swinden Salt and Pepper Pawdlers 3-4 Dog Dryland BC
468 Paige Talledo Glenora Mushed Potatoes Off the Couch ON
477 Josee Tennier It takes 2 To Tango Canicross QC
366 Victoria Tesh Team Excelsior 3-4 Dog Dryland SC
676 Amelie Theriault Pittiesqc Off the Couch QC
46 Kathy Thomas KT Sams 3-4 Dog Dryland WA
612 Camille Tiangco FluffMaster Off the Couch CA
489 Pamela Tichenor Pooka Prize Pitbull Canicross AZ
162 Jennifer Tobits Retrievers Rock Canicross CA
792 Fraser Todd Me and My Uumi Canicross NB
294 Scott Tomlin Smells Like team Spirit Canicross MD
146 Stef-Annie Toulouse Bidules 2 Dog Sled QC
540 Sherri Trithart Iqniq Qimmiq 2 Dog Sled AB
742 Tatum Trivyzas Syn and Lai 2 Dog Scooter and Cart UT
742 Tatum Trivyzas Eko and Syn 2 Dog Scooter and Cart UT
280 Amy Trombecky Team Beast Mode Off the Couch NY
458 Kim Tully Faolchu Rua Canicross DU
600 Ashley Tyree Lakes Trails and Puppydog Tails Off the Couch WA
125 Emily VanWart Land Shark Express 2 Dog Bikejor FL
266 Laura Vinnedge Corvid Kennels 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig YT
656 Marla Vogeley Fancy Pie 3-4 Dog Dryland Ca
365 Birgit Von Pelser Lemiers Siberians 3-4 Dog Dryland GA
124 Kerryjane Voth InnSaei 1 Dog Scooter & Cart ON
205 Terri Vroman Little Kool Karhu and Humboldt Hottie Canicross CA
312 Erin Wadden Black White Red All Over 2 Dog Sled NS
150 Kristy Wager Team Eclipse 2 Dog Sled NS
297 Amanda Wagner Mutt butt 1 Dog Bikejor OK
139 Christa Wagner Ira the Prancing Borzoi 1 Dog Scooter & Cart PA
398 William Walker Iron Will Canicross TX
760 Summer Ward Maximum Potato Off the Couch OK
452 Sam Warner BlackYellow 2 Dog Bikejor AE
559 Stephanie Watson BBS Off the Couch NB
298 Karli Watson Team Stormchase 1 Dog Bikejor OK
277 Breagh Weatherbee PB and J Canicross NS
198 Sandy Weaver KaceyFun Off the Couch GA
285 Ashley Weir Twilight Princess 1 Dog Bikejor NS
431 Becky Weninger Transponsters Off the Couch ND
494 Julie Westcott CARIBOU SIBERIANS Off the Couch NY
239 Steve Weston At the Speed of Sibe 1-2 Dog Fatbikejor ON
89 Bonnie Whisnant Evil Minions Canicross NC
120 Krystal Wick Parti Power Canicross WI
171 Hannah Wicks Starlight Howlers 3-4 Dog Sled MN
249 Megan Wilde Running Wilde GSP Canicross ON
417 Lindsey Williams HellHounds Off the Couch FL
770 Dean Williams Crazy redheads 2 Dog Bikejor PA
52 Mary Denise Williamson Dingbats of Destiny Off the Couch PE
133 Richard Williamson Bordering Insanity Off the Couch PE
373 Jill Wilson Dashing 6 5-6 Dog Sled and Rig ID
373 Jill Wilson Dashing 7 Unlimited Sled and Rig ID
449 Selina Witt Dynamic Alchemy Unlimited Sled and Rig OR
546 Augusta Mae Wott MaeBeMushers Off the Couch OH
589 Caitriona Wray Team Koda Canicross DU
337 Shirley Xie BouncyFluff Canicross CA
140 Lisa Yarema Birdie Canicross MI
255 Christine Yenni Sneaky Siberians 2 Dog Bikejor OR
599 Whitney Yhap There and Back Again 1 Dog Skijor NB
565 Alyssa Yoder Needy AF Canicross GA
15 Nic Young Dashy Doodlehead Off the Couch WA
739 Johnna Zona Fire Away 2 Dog Bikejor PA